A Video Oral History of Petrella, “The First Lady of Country-Soul” and a resident of Santa Maria, CA., is now a permanent part of the HistoryMakers Collection at the Library of Congress.   As stated by James H. Billington, 13th Librarian of Congress, in the attached photo “The HistoryMakers archive provides invaluable first-person accounts of both well-known and unsung African Americans, detailing their hopes, dreams and accomplishments-often in the face of adversity.  This culturally important collection is a rich and diverse resource for scholars, teachers, students and documentarians seeking a more complete record of our nation’s history and its people”.

Petrella Oral History in Library of Congress

July 2013 Petrella hosted Julie and Brian, Collector and Curator for the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, located at 501 W. 9th Street in Little Rock, AR and presented them with over 600 items representing different aspects of her 25 year career in the Country Music Business.  This meeting was the start of gifting her memorabelia to museums and historical commissions across the U.S.   

Meeting with Arkansas History Commission
Tatyana Oyinloye (African American History Coordinator), Jane Wilkerson (Archival Manager), Petrella

Petrella's Home State Arkansas History Commission Archives Memorabilia

December 2013 Petrella met with Tatyana Oyinloye (African American History Coordinator), Jane Wilkerson (Archival Manager) and Jeff Lewellen (Archivist, Music) with the Arkansas History Commission and presented them with family and Hot Springs, AR memorabeilia along with items from her career in country music.  The Arkansas History Commission web site is and they are located at One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, AR. Material is available for research and viewing.

Meeting with Country Music Hall of Fame
Mick Buck, Curator, Petrella and John Rumble, HIstorian

March 2014 Petrella travelled to the Country Music Hall of Fame to present to John Rumble, Hisotrian and Mick Buck, Curator item from her 25 year career for archiving.  This fulfilled a promise she had made to John Rumble 25 years ago.  The numerous items including print, early demoes, awards, CDs, videos and wardrobe are available for viewing at the Country Music Hall of Fame, located at 222 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN/

In May 2014 with the help of Los Angeles Music Attorney Ken Davidson, Petrella found a home for her master recordings as well as other items for archival at the University of Indiana, Archives of African American Music and Culture.  Their web site is and the are located on the Campus of the University of Indiana at 2805 E. Tenth St., Suite 180-181, Bloomington, IN. 

Visit this link for a featured article of Petrella by the University of Indiana Archive of African American Music and Culture

Visit Bloomington, IN home of Archives of African American Music and Culture Indiana University