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Countryversial is the Home Page for Petrella - "The First Lady of Country Soul". Petrella's new album "Papa Did A Raindance" will be released in November.

"Papa Did A Rain Dance" is being released on Garden-Mound Records, an independent record label. The album contains 11 songs and features a cover of the hit song "If". The album was produced by Anthony Smith (Nashville), David Scheffler (Los Angeles), Jason Miles (New York) and Petrella.

Click the link below to hear songs from Petrella's album. If you wish to order either album, call toll free 1-888-228-7774 and place your order.

With her second album, "Papa Did a Rain Dance" Petrella shows her exceptional musical talents by writing 4 and co-producing 6 of the 11 songs. Self-penned songs such as "Imagine" (her interpretation of street life), "Blink" (how life can change rapidly), and "Fragile" (a song dedicated to women) provide a view into Petrella's compassion for life. Her new album is topped off by her rendition of two classic songs "If" and "Loving Arms".

Thank you Hasting Video and Music in Fayeteville AR for a great time at the Dec. 9th in-store performance and signing. Fayetteville is a wonderful city and the people at Hasting's were great. Thanks also to KXUA (Arkansas University Radio and David and Blaine) and to KIX104 Radio (Thanks Tone).

Petrella and Hastings Entertainment Centers are teaming up for 17 additional in-stores starting in January and continuing through April. Look for Petrella in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. See Calender of events below.

Petrella's first album has been re-release under the title "Countryversial". Look for it at your record store or call Garden-Mound Records toll free 1-888-228-7774. Publicity Contact Yvonne B. Gilliam, Publicist P.O. Box 988 Colleyville, TX 76034 817-424-2680 email:

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